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Fathers! We Need to Grow.

November 14, 2016

Sermon of the Day: The Keys to a Beautiful Life


Ephesians 6:4 NLT

Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger by the way you treat them. Rather, bring them up with the discipline and instruction that comes from the Lord.



Good Morning Men!

My hope is that this message finds you searching and hungering for more of the Lord.

I recently started a new book titled Developing the Leader Within You by John C. Maxwell. I highly encourage all of you to challenge yourself, pick up a copy and read it.

When I read through the book dedication I was completely floored. The author used to be a full-time pastor, now he occasionally speaks at churches. Primarily Mr. Maxwell is a leadership expert, speaker and author. Take a look at what this book dedication read:

This book is dedicated to the man I most admire.

A friend whose touch warmed me;

A mentor whose wisdom guided me;

An encourager whose words lifted me;

A leader I love to follow…

My Father,

Melvin Maxwell

No matter how many times I read that I am speechless. My entire Christian life, I have been longing for a man like that. I have hunted, looked and pursued various men. For some reason God has not brought someone like that into my life, yet.

In no way is this a father bashing, but how many of you can speak like that about your fathers? I’m going to go on another limb here and say that maybe one of you can say this about your father.

My father did the best he knew how and I love him for that. The problem is no one showed my father how to be that kind of man.

I have to assume every single one of us men would love our children, especially our sons to be able to say this about us, right!?
So my next question is real simple. What are you doing about it?

Men, we must actively pursue growth. We must challenge ourselves to grow in every way so that we can learn how to become this type of man and father.

First, we must pursue a pure and holy relationship with Jesus Christ. He must be the center and focus of our lives. We must grow in our spiritual disciplines. If you’re not sure what those are, go to our website and search spiritual disciplines.

Secondly we must pursue a pure and holy relationship with our wives. She must be our most important earthly relationship. We must love her like Christ loved the church. In case you forgot, Jesus died for the church. The very sinful, imperfect and flawed church. So don’t wait for wifey to be perfect before you start loving her the way she deserves. If your single, stay on step one, that will get you ready for this step.

Then we must pursue men that have fruit on the tree. We need men to teach us in life, to coach us and mentor us to create the same results, fruit and freedom they have achieved in this type of living.

There are also tons of christian books, videos, bible studies, etc where we can continue to supplement our growth. This is much more important than we realize.

If I can be completely transparent for a second, men we seriously need to wake up. Please know that I am speaking to myself first when I say this. The majority of us are really blowing it as husbands and fathers. We are so wrapped up in our pride and comfort zones we really don’t want to change. This is really a foolish mindset that will only bring consequences and regret as you progress through life.


Men, you know exactly who you are. You know exactly what needs to change. Join me in challenging ourselves to grow. Let’s stop messing around and do it now.


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