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Pray for your Wife

September 23, 2014

Genesis 2:24

Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.


Good Morning Men!

This morning I began praying for my wife, and I just felt a little lost. I felt a little repetitive and like I had so many things I wanted to pray for my wife, but I didn’t know how.

So I found this great article, by my faithful friends at Desiring God that is a great reference point for the direction of praying for our wives.

But, I want to get our wives on board too. So I found a great post on what our wives can be praying for. But here is the deal, I want all of us men to sit down with our wives and share these prayer topics. Lets get on board together and make sure we are praying these things over our wives daily, and let’s encourage our wives to pray over their list everyday also.

The devil knows how powerful a strong and Godly marriage is, that is why it is so difficult. Let’s strengthen our marriages, by faithfully praying for each other.

For you single men in this group, you are not out of this deal. I would love to encourage you single men, to start praying over these ten things, that God would bless you with a wife that fits these categories.

For example: Father God bless me with a wife that wants you to be her God, Heavenly Father I ask that you give me a wife that will continue to grow in her faith, and will want to increase her faith towards you… and so on.

I hope all of you are excited about this, I am because I know prayer is so powerful, and to be this intentional about praying for your spouse will have amazing power against the evil the devil would love to bring into your marriage.

Blessings and Love

10 Things to Pray for Your Wife

January 3, 2013
By: Jonathan Parnell

10 Things to Pray for Your Wife[Download a new print-version (PDF) of “10 Things to Pray for Your Wife.” You can also get lock-screen versions for your iPhone4 or iPhone5.]

Our hunger for God will not be confined to our closets. As we know him and delight in all that he is for us in Jesus, our joy in him reaches beyond personal experience on a quest to be reproduced in others. One of the simplest ways we realize this is by taking serious how we pray — by wanting and asking for others the same things we want and ask for ourselves.

It is a beautiful thing — a miracle — when we become as invested in the sanctification of others as we are in our own. And, of course, the best place to start is with our spouses.

So men, here are ten things to want from God (and ask from him) for your wife:

  1. God, be her God — her all-satisfying treasure and all. Make her jealous for your exclusive supremacy over all her affections (Psalm 73:24–25).
  2. Increase her faith — give her a rock-solid confidence that your incomparable power is only always wielded for her absolute good in Christ (Romans 8:28–30).
  3. Intensify her joy — a joy in you that abandons all to the riches of your grace in Jesus and that says firmly, clearly, gladly: “I’ll go anywhere and do anything if you are there” (Exodus 33:14–15).
  4. Soften her heart — rescue her from cynicism and make her tender to your presence in the most complicated details of dirty diapers and a multitude of other needs you’ve called her to meet (Hebrews 1:3).
  5. Make her cherish your church — build relationships into her life that challenge and encourage her to walk in step with the truth of the gospel, and cause her to love corporate gatherings, the Lord’s Table, and the everyday life of the body (Mark 3:35).
  6. Give her wisdom — make her see dimensions of reality that I would overlook and accompany her vision with a gentle, quiet spirit that feels safe and celebrated (1 Peter 3:4).
  7. Sustain her health — continue to speak your gift of health and keep us from presumption; it is by blood-bought grace (Psalm 139:14).
  8. Multiply her influence — encourage and deepen the impact she has on our children. Give her sweet glimpses of it. Pour her out in love for our neighbors and spark creative ways to engage them for Jesus’s sake (John 12:24).
  9. Make her hear your voice — to read the Bible and accept it as it really is, your word… your very word to her where she lives, full of grace and power and everything she needs pertaining to life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3).
  10. Overcome her with Jesus — that she is united to him, that she is a new creature in him, that she is your daughter in him. . . No longer in Adam and dead to sin; now in Christ and alive to you, forever (Romans 6:11).

And then a thousand other things. Amen.


10 Prayers for Your Husband

(1) To Be the Man He is Called to Be — 1 Corinthians 16:13
Father, I pray that my husband will be alert and on guard; standing firm in his faith and conviction in You. I pray that he would be the man You have called him to be, and that he would be courageous and grow in strength. In Jesus’ Name.(2) To Be Obedient to God’s Will & Plan for His Life – 1 John 2:1; 3:22
Father, I pray that my husband conforms to Your will in every purpose, thought and action.  I pray that he will follow Your plan for him and habitually practice what is pleasing to You. In Jesus’ Name. 

(3) To Receive Wisdom, Knowledge & Understanding – Ephesians 1:16-19, Colossians 1:19
Father, I ask You to give my husband spiritual wisdom and understanding, so that he may grow in his knowledge of You. I pray that his heart will be flooded with light so that he can understand the wonderful future You have promised him. I pray that he is filled with the full knowledge of Your will in all wisdom and in understanding.  In Jesus’ Name.

(4) That the Word of God Dwell in Him — Colossians 3:16
Father, I pray that my husband will allow the Word of God to dwell in him richly and work in him mightily. In Jesus’ Name.

(5) To Know the Love of God – Ephesians 3:17-18
Father, I pray that Christ may live in my husband’s heart and that he would trust in You. I pray that his roots will go down deep into the soil of Your marvelous love.  And that he will have the power to understand how deep Your love really is. In Jesus’ Name.

(6) To Be the Head of  Our Marriage –  Ephesians 5:23, 25, 1 Peter 3:7
Father, I pray that my husband will be the head of our marriage just as Christ is the Head of the Church, and that he would love me, nourishing and cherishing me, just as Christ  loves the Church.  I also ask that he would honor and delight in me as his wife so that his prayers will not be hindered. In Jesus’ Name.

(7) That I Will Be a Godly Wife to Him — Ephesians 5:33,1 Peter 3:2
Father, help me to maintain a submissive heart toward my husband. Help me to honor him, esteem him, regard him, appreciate him, adore him, admire him, be devoted to him and deeply love and enjoy him. In Jesus’ Name.

(8) To Be a Godly Father to Our Children –  Ephesians 6:4
Father, I pray that my husband would reflect Your love to our children. Help him to raise our children in the tender nurture and training, discipline, counsel, and admonition of You, Lord. In Jesus’ Name.

(9) That He Would Guard His Heart  — Proverbs 4:20-23
Father, I pray that my husband pays attention to what You say, and that he listens carefully. I pray that he allows Your words to penetrate deep within his heart, for they will bring life and health to him. I ask You to help him guard his heart above all else, for it affects everything he does. In Jesus’ Name.

(10) That He Would Be Able to Provide Financially for His Family –  Philippians 4:19, 1 Timothy 5:8
Father, I pray that my husband will always be able to provide for our family, and that he would look to You as his Source of provision because You will supply all of our needs according to Your riches in glory. In Jesus’ Name.


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  1. Wow what a fantastic and love filled post! Thanks for sharing, and highlighting how vital our prayers are for our spouse! 🙂

  2. Mike Sands permalink

    Awesome post brother K.

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