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God’s Only Design for Marriage: Love one Another

November 20, 2013

Leviticus 18:22 NLT

Do not practice homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman. It is a detestable sin.


Today this verse is very controversial. In fact the tide is turning very rapidly where the speaking, writing or teaching of this verse could be a crime in this very country.

My goal is to strengthen those of you that believe in God’s Word as the final and only authority. My goal is not to try to create conflict, or stir others to acting very brash and even violent towards the truth of God’s Word. Im just here to proclaim the straight up truth of God’s Word.

Those that are for homosexuality, and against Christian beliefs will use this verse combined with the many other verses throughout the book of Leviticus and try to compare them.

One common argument uses Leviticus 11:9-12, that if God commanded us not to eat things like shellfish, but you dont obey that, in fact no one really pays attention to that law, why are you making such a big deal about the homosexuality law? There are several others that could easily be used, but let’s break it down.

Without getting too deep, there were three types of laws God declared, and commanded His people to live by: Ceremonial Law, Judicial/Civil Law, and Moral Law.

Every law was designed for the protection of His people (the Israelites), or for His people to Honor, Worship or Glorify the Creator of the Universe.

Where we come in is the Moral Law. The Moral Law is for all mankind. We all have a set of morals that usually agree with the obvious, such as murder, rape, etc. However, homosexuality was a moral law God put in place to protect mankind. So that we would not work against the natural use of our bodies to satisfy the desires of our flesh.

The One True God is a God of Love, that desires all men to be saved with the saving grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. God wants all men to repent or turn from their sin, no matter what sin that is. If we teach others through loving friendships, that God desires them to turn from sin, to live for Him, and not their own desires, they will be set free. Jesus says in John 8:36, if the Son sets you free, you are free indeed!!

Strengthen each other. Build each other. Love one another. These are three biblical concepts throughout God’s Precious Word.

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  1. Thank you for taking a stand for the Word of God. As ministers of the Gospel, we must all preach the true Word in love and I think you have done that here. Thank you for standing up.

    • Thank you brother, my prayer is that we all will learn to do this with greater frequency and greater love!

      How was the missions trip to india?

      Blessings to you my friend!

      • The mission trip to India was awesome and difficult all at the same time! Email sometime, and I would love to tell you about it. Also, I have pictures up on my website if you want to check them out.

      • Hey Bro I was looking for your email on the site, couldnt find it. Would love to touch bases with you.

        Have you ever heard of Gospel for Asia, or KP Yohannan?

        can email me at, or reply here

        Many Blessings

  2. The problem with Leviticus, apart from that it commands you to stone us, is that in Lev 20 which condemns gay lovemaking it also condemns having sex with a woman during her period.

    So, perhaps you can distinguish the abominable shellfish, but not that particular abomination. Would you ever make love with your wife during her period?

    • Hello Claire, thank you for your thoughtful questions.
      I went through your blog and see that this is a very passionate subject for you, so I will try me best to answer your questions.
      As briefly cited in my post about the three laws, stoning a homosexual would fall under the judicial/civil law of the israelites during that time period. Not a moral law.

      To discuss your second question, i would be more than happy to discuss it privately. Email me at I look forward to your email.

      • OK, very personal question.

        But why do you think the wilder shores of the Republican party are campaigning so hard against equal marriage, but never mention at all the equal abomination of sex during a period.

        Considering the Westminster Confession which my fellow Scots take so much to heart, the “Moral law” of the OT which is binding is only the ten commandments. So the Leviticus prohibition of male buggery is no longer binding.

      • No problem.

        Marriages have a larger impact on families and communities. Sex during a period only affects the two individuals in that act. So the attention is going to be drawn to the situation with greater consequences. But thats just my thoughts, which mean nothing. =)

        Im not sure about the Westminster Confession…sorry not familiar with that one.

        But I hope that answers your questions.

  3. Mike Sands permalink

    In my opinion sin is sin. There is no distinction from one sin to another. No sin is greater than another. Homosexuality is no greater sin than having an affair outside of marriage, or having sex before marriage. The Bible teaches that homosexuality is a sin. I believe in the Word of God as absolute truth and therefore I believe that homosexuality is a sin, just like any other sin in the Bible. The Bible teaches us to repent from our sins and so the main issue is our conviction when we do sin and whether or not we recognize our sin, repent from it, and humbly come before the LORD and ask for forgiveness. That is the beauty of the LORD we serve. No matter what you’ve done or what sin enslaves you, JESUS CHRIST will set you free and forgive you.

    I pray that more Christians will stand up and speak up for what they believe in, afterall, we are more than conquerers through Him who loved us (Romans 8:37) and greater is He who is within you than he who is in the world (1 John 4:4).

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