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Daily Bread : 1 Chronicles 22,23,24; 1 Thessalonians 3

May 14, 2012

If the notes are incomplete feel free, to add in anything you have. I will be following up as soon as I can. Lets Grow!

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For those of you already following along, If you miss a day, don’t sweat it. But stay committed and watch God move in your life!

Notes from todays reading.

1 Chronicles 22:

  • Think Generational.

This was a cool chapter for me. I saw some important points for us fathers and fathers to be in this chapter. In verse 5 King David decided and acted upon preparing for the temple of God. The King knew he was not going to build the temple, but he didnt waste his resources or time in not preparing. Anything in life that gets devoted preparation will be successful. But what I love most is that the King was thinking generationally. He wanted his son to succeed. Many of us fathers get wrapped up in our own pursuits and pleasures but forget to prepare the way for our children to succeed. Im not just talking financially or academically, those things are good and have value. But what about the things that truly last for ever; like, discipline, hard work and spiritual preparation? The main point is to think generational, so that our kids can be greater than we ever dreamed of ourselves being for the Kingdom of God.

  • Give clear instructions, and let go.

The Second point I saw was in verses 11-13. King David was very clear in his instructions to Solomon. Sometimes as parents we are not that clear to our kids (I know im not).  I think one reason is because our wishes our clouding God’s wishes for their lives. Many parents nowadays have a pre-determined plan for the lives of their kids, this is good but not if it overpowers any desires of their kids, or clouds the will of God in their lives. The proof King David saw this, was in verse 11 he said “may the Lord be with you and give you success AS YOU FOLLOW HIS DIRECTIONS IN BUILDING the temple…”. How easy could it have been for the King of this entire nation to have some predetermined ideas of how he thought this temple should be. How many fathers are like, Son this is your plan in life but make sure you do it this way, and that way.

It doesnt have to be our way. We have to teach our kids how to turn to God and lean on  God, and seek Him above all things. When we do this Verse 13 will come naturally, they will follow the decrees of God and they will be successful.

Also a side note, I liked the ending of verse 13, popular saying in the Old Testament. But the timing of it in this talk with his son led me to believe that it was a reality warning, that this will not be an easy road son, you will need to be strong and courageous. We cant sugar coat things for our kids. If we prepare them correctly, the reality may some tough and maybe even frightening for everyone but they will be able to face and overcome any obstacle if we have prepared them correctly.

1 Chronicles 23:

The names are tough to follow, but Praise God through Jesus we can build a personal relationship rather than ceremonies and specific steps to follow daily!

1 Chronicles 24:

Verse 5 and 31 are important to remember in our every day lives. We need to make sure no matter what role we have, or what role others have there is no role more important than the other. All are equal and important in the eyes of God. If pride creeps its way in, God gets squeezed out. Serve God with all our hearts with whatever ministry God has placed on your heart.

Side note:

In order to make these chapters more enjoyable try following along with an audio bible as you read. Braddah Jake showed me this technique. Audio Bibles are available for free with the You Version Bible App. Its cool to hear the proper pronunciation of each name and brings a little more life to these tougher chapters. Thanks Jake!

1 Thessalonians 3:

I didnt have much to say about this chapter till the very last sentence. Then God kind of hit me with something outside of the box.

Personally I have a hard time comprehending many of the end time prophecies. Not because I dont believe but my brain is so limited to comprehending such huge events. But I do constantly desire a deeper spiritual realm that will help me grow and see things on a greater level. Anyways my point is to bring some light to verse 13. Verse 13 mentions that we will stand before Jesus when he comes again with the church or with all his holy people. I believe in this with all my heart, but I have a hard time comprehending such events. The weird thing is I can comprehend things like Moses parting the Red Sea, or Noah’s ark and the flooding of the world. Although those things are barely imaginable, I still can grasp it with my faith in such a big God because I can see it in my head. But with verse 13 its so huge, I cant imagine it and because of that sometimes the devil tries to plant doubt in my head. Or tries to plant fear in my head, fear that I shouldnt be so bold and outward about the end times and the prophecies that will come to pass. But tonight I was convicted. And God strongly spoke to my heart about the power of his Word. How can I believe in one thing and not the other. If I know without a shadow of a doubt that Moses parted the Red Sea then how come I listen to insecurities of the return of Jesus? I pray God will not only stengthen my faith and belief in Jesus’s return, but yours also. God Bless all of you.

Blessings and Love.


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  1. chad92009 permalink

    good reading today.really enjoyed the posts on patient endurance and thinking generationally, helpful stuff. Praise God.

  2. kilihune permalink

    sorry I have been off track but Im back boys.. I just read all three chapters in Thessalonians first due to last couple of days. These chapters are awesome I felt like I was at a church sitting with a bunch of people a lot of the words spoke to me and I though of all you brothers while reading. chapter 3 verse 10 the ending says this ” asking God to let us see you again to fill the Gaps in your faith.” this spoke to me and made me miss having you guys in my Life the last few days. This devotion really fills the Gap in my faith everyday. and the prayer that follows is incredible! AMEN

  3. No worries glad to have you back in the action, was getting lonely over here with just me and Chad!!


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