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Daily Bread : 2 Samuel 17; Psalm 71 ; Matthew 26

May 9, 2012

If the notes are incomplete feel free, to add in anything you have. I will be following up as soon as I can. Lets Grow!

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For those of you already following along, If you miss a day, don’t sweat it. But stay committed and watch God move in your life!

Notes from todays reading.

2 Samuel 17:

There is a lot going on here that is deeper than my knowledge of the Bible. But one thing I do see is that God is always working plans within plans. God is so big and great that we must never doubt or question his plans. I know many times Gods plan does not make sense, because we only see one little piece of the puzzle. But God knows what he’s doing. When we follow his guidance through the Word of God, he will deliver. Maybe not tomorrow, or the next day, or the next year. But he will deliver.

Psalm 71:

While reading this Psalm I was reminded of something pretty cool. Every Psalm King David is either seeking God for guidance, help or safety. Or he is praising God. I pray that all of us men will desire this type of Heart for God, and not only desire but make it a reality. Help us to meditate on your truths, run to you in good times and bad times. Amen!


Matthew 26:

Please forgive me for not having the depth nor knowledge to take this chapter to the level it deserves. But I do encourage all of you to read and reread this chapter. There is so much here it is staggering.

As I was reading this chapter several verses really stuck out to me and I began looking for sermons and notes on them. Of course there was tons, but I took a few tidbits here and there.

The first thing that really struck me was in Verse 33-35. Peter got prideful in the face of Jesus. The Messiah tells his guys they are all going to desert him. But Peter thinks he knows better than Jesus. We have to caution ourselves, pride in anything will always lead to stumbling like Peter did in this chapter.

The second part I really got something was verses 36-46. Jesus was urging his men to keep watch and pray. This was not only a message for them at this moment. But it is a constant message for us all. One of the questions posed was: how on fire would believers be if all stayed under constant watch and constant prayer for the return of Christ? The church would be unstoppable, which means you and I.

Your going to like this one. Verse 53. One legion was about 6,000 men, it was normally a measurement for roman soldiers. But Jesus used 12 legions to measure the angels at his disposal. This meant that he could call on 72,000 angels in a flash, they would be there without question cleaning house. In Isaiah 37:36 it says that one angel killed 185,000 men in one night. How much damage could 72,000 angels do? Crazy huh!!?

My last point, Verse 67-68. My Jesus, your Jesus, the Jesus that died for the world took this for us. This was the start of His crucifixion. This verse broke my heart, I want to cry for what he did for me. How can I ever be selfish for my wants? This makes me want to try even harder to live a life farther from sin. I want to please Him. I want to bring as much glory to his death as I possibly can with my short little life here on earth!

Blessings and Love.


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  1. chad92009 permalink

    heres some stuff that I learned in todays devotion. 2 Sam 17; God definitely had Davids back although David wasn’t quite sure as i read in 2 Sam 15,16 he still trusted that God is right in everything he does David trusted God. Ps 71; David sought refuge in God acknowledged God as his deliverer also full on worshiped God with all his might even when things looked bleak. David thought generationally too, like God does in verse 18 of Ps 71. In Mt 26:6 first time i ever noticed this Jesus was in the house of a leper an unclean person everything lepers touch became unclean but not Jesus everything he touched was made clean. and in Mt 26:50 (NIV) Jesus called judas the betrayer “friend” “hows that?” Jesus is emotionally healthy He wasn’t ruled by his emotions.

    • Awesome braddah! Just like Pastor Koa said this week; we may be unsure, it may not make sense but God is faithful to his words. We need to lean on that just as we did this morning!

      King Davids generational thinking is a mindset, a hunger and a passion we all need to have. What legacy are you leaving for your kids? I pray that all of us will be great dads!

      My Bible says that Simon had previously had leprosy. But I can imagine that for most people you still need to overcome that mental block of contamination. But nothing is to big for our JESUS! Praise God! I like that emotionally healthy bit, so important we dont act upon emotions, but on the Word of God.

  2. kilihune permalink

    Aloha Guys!!
    2nd samuel 17 was a crazy twisted story God definetly had Davids back like chad said,butmy bible notes says The Lord had determined to defeat: Despite early advances, Absalom’s power grab was doomed from the strart. So is it safe to say This was Gods plan that definetly benefited david?
    This PSALM was really filled with alot of powerful stuff verses 12-16 left me speechless but yes Aina we all need the heart of God But I also Need the Eyes and mouth as well Lol..Been getting better by the way and stop coming up with ways to stress me out :))))

    • God definitely had King Davids back. As far as that being part of the plan…yes and no. At least in my opinion, In proverbs it says that the Lord has pre-determined steps for our lives. So in that sense yes he had it all planned, but as we all know this wasnt the initial plan. King David blew his chances at the original plan due to the affair and murder he was responsible for. When we make mistakes we gotta find forgiveness and redemption. But now the enemy has more ammo to throw at us, so the road becomes a bit bumpier. But if we get back on track and remain focused on Christ, God can turn bad into good to bring him more glory.

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