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Daily Bread : 1 Chronicles16; Psalm 106; Matthew 19

May 2, 2012

If the notes are incomplete feel free, to add in anything you have. I will be following up as soon as I can. Lets Grow!

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Notes from todays reading.

1 Chronicles 16:

The song that King David gave to Asaph reminded me of these lyrics in a song: “Let my life be louder than a song”. Those words mean to me that although songs can be sung loudly, and songs can be very delightful and enjoyable. Our lives should truly be louder than any song. Our actions and reactions should bring more joy and happiness to others and to those around us than any song. This song of praise King David wrote reminds me of that type of lifestyle. I see this song as a very informational/ instructional song. By just following the things in this song alone, we would bring great honor and glory to God.

Psalm 106:

The Psalm not only gives a recap of many of the sins of God’s people before the time of King David. But it gives a picture of how human beings (because these Israelites are no different than people today)  can so easily forget the good God has done in our lives. How easy is it to remember the bad that happened, or even the good you wanted to happen but didnt. We must learn to live lives of praise to God. Live in a way to constantly remind yourself of ALL the good God has done for you, your family and your household.

Dont forget the good, and hang on to the bad.

Matthew 19:

I just was listening to a sermon on the radio yesterday about marriage. It was talking about how our marriage is supposed to be successful so that as a couple you may promote the good news of Christ. And this is for pretty obvious reasons, people dont want advice from someone who has a bad marriage. The proof of a good marriage will speak volumes into the ears of someone searching for guidance.

I learned today that divorce was not what God had originally intended. Although Im sure we all kind of knew this, it was interesting to read it and think how many people get divorced; both christian and non-christian. How blinded our culture really is from the truth of the Word of God. In verse 6 it says no one split apart, or let no man split apart, depending on your version. You know all this time I always looked at that verse as an adulterer splitting up a marriage. But the very man of the marriage whom agrees to give up on his marriage and get a divorce would also qualify as a man splitting apart a marriage…right?

Verses 16-30 The Parable of the Rich man. I recently learned a bit about this teaching. What was made clear to me was that this message can sometimes be misleading if taken too literal. What I learned Jesus is saying to all of us, is that dont let anything be that important to you that you cant give up. This passage isnt speaking to everyone to sell everything and give to the poor literally. But if money is your crutch then yes get rid of it and give to the poor. If its your house, yard, car, toys; whatever it is dont let it stand in the way of God.

God Bless.


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  1. chad92009 permalink

    psalm 106 David starts by teaching us to praise God and be thankful to God and this quickly turns into a guide on “what not to do”.

    • Amen to that braddah Chad! Nice to have examples in the Word of how we should live, and what lifestyles we should avoid. Praise God others paved the way for us to just follow and learn from their mistakes.

  2. Kalani permalink

    this Psalm reminds me that we always have to be mindful and thankful for Gods faithfulness and I must keep that focus on Him. Be thankful in all situations good or bad in the valleys and the moutain peaks. ALOHA KEAKUA

    • Yes brotha! So easy to lose track of Gods faithfulness. As men of God we need to design our lifestyle to force us into thoughts of Him, rather than waiting for those valleys when we really need Him. Glory to God!

  3. Kalani permalink

    prayer request

    I would like to make a prayer request for all marriages. Satan is attacking this aspect of our core right now. God’s will be done. the children are taking cracks and the parent are being selfish. We need to pray God back into to these situations and into these islands and back into the USA and the world. Pray for recovery pray for people to have that relationship with God again not religious jibber jabber pray for people’s hearts to be open and that their ears will hear and lift up God again. Aloha keakua

    • PRAISE GOD!! AWESOME WELL NEEDED PRAYER!! I posted it as a Prayer Request. God is Good! Thanks my braddah! Love you

  4. Aina,
    Nice notes on 1 Chronicles ma man. It was a nice song of praise and verse 12 for me is a wonderful reminder when we start to lose focus a bit. it says Remember the wonders he has performed,his miracles,and the rulings he has given. it hit home not only in the scriptures but in my own Life the things he has done for me and is still doing to this very day like all you brothers in my life and this challenge. But I also cant forget his rulings and what happens when we become disobedient.

    Psalm 106: let me start by saying that was a long one!! but praise God..verse 7-13 It’s along one to write but I held on to these two. 1. ” they soon forgot his many acts of kindness to them “. they rebelled against him and he still saved them. I’ve been down this road before myself. verse 12-13 Then his people believed his promises. They sang his praise yet how quickly they forgot what he had done! been here too. Brothers let us not forget where we have been and where we are going and how we got here. God is Good we just have to remeber that all day everyday 24-7.

    Cuzin your question??? I would have to agree with that one, those were the exact words you told me right before I was about to pull the plug and give up remember!
    thanks for the better understanding of that one cause you know me I stressed I felt like i had to sell everything and that my friend I had a hard time with literally 😉 but well said.

    • So awesome to see how alive the word is becoming to you Jake. Proud of you on where you are and where you are going. Very nice notes thanks for the ingsight.

      And yes I remember, we have come along way braddah! Praise God!

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