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Daily Bread : 1 Chronicles14,15; Psalm 132; Matthew 18

May 1, 2012

If the notes are incomplete feel free, to add in anything you have. I will be following up as soon as I can. Lets Grow!

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Notes from todays reading.

1 Chronicles 14:

This was part of 2 Samuel 5. Different author, different perspective but accurate non-conflicting stories. The Word of God is truth. This kind of spoke to me, this chapter mentions King David seeking God twice about waging war against his enemies. Both times God answered him, both times King David was obedient. But what stood out to me was that not only was King David victorious, but verse 17 says King Davids fame spread and All the nations feared him. What I felt the Holy Spirit bless me with was the only thing mentioned in here that King David did to glorify God was to seek Him before battle. They didnt mention anything else about prayer time, scripture study, giving to the poor, etc. The Author mentioned Kind David sought the Lord, and then was successful and become very powerful and feared throughout the World. I think this chapter is illustrating the importance of seeking God. Although all those other things are important and have their place, for some reason they were not mentioned. Im not saying King David didnt do these things or value these things. Im sure he did, but the Bible is never going to lead us astray. This chapter wanted to get one main message across: Seek God = Success in Life.

BUT…We have to be careful what we do with that success, and make sure we handle it correctly. Or it will become your downfall and ruin you.

1 Chronicles 15:

Verse 13 gives us a window into what went wrong in 2 Samuel 6, and 1 Chronicles 13. King David did not seek God for guidance in moving the Ark, because of that Uzzah was struck dead on the spot for touching the Ark. Again we have a chapter expressing the importance of seeking God first in all matters. The only thing I noticed is that King David didnt accept part of this responsibility and repent. When we do wrong we need to come clean, confess our wrong to man and God. Admit whatever we may have fallen short in. This purifies us and helps us to continue with a deepening relationship with God.

Psalm 132:

I really enjoyed this Psalm. I love Davids heart for the things of God, that are God and were God’s Holy earthly items; the Ark and the Temple. Verse 11 is cool and shows Gods faithfulness, and also an example for us to live the same way with our word. Keep our promises, or Dont make them. Verses 13-16 illustrate Gods love not only for His people but Gods earthly home, Jerusalem. This city is a big part of the Bible, it is also a big part of the past, and will become and increasingly big part in the future of this world. Gods promises will begin to be more evident as the ending prophecies of this world continue to unravel.

Matthew 18:

I think Verses 1-6 is a great passage for us men to always keep in check. As men we have so many battles that deal with our pride, ego, and our will, do be the best. But this passage makes it pretty clear to me that none of that garbage matters. God doesnt want the manliest man. God doesnt want the strongest, coolest man. God wants pure, humble, willing and eager to learn Children. How awesome are kids that dont care what they wear, what they look like, what they do wrong, etc. Lets strive to have this kind of heart. Pray daily that God will give you the humility to have this type of heart. Our ego and pride will always be in the way of a true relationship with God.

In 2006′ God clearly put this verse on my heart. My at the time 7 y.o. step-daughter wanted to go to church every sunday. But foolish old me was always to hung over to go. Until one day God clearly spoke this verse right to my heart. And clearly told me dont you dare deny this child from learning about me, if you dont want to go thats one thing. But dont deny her. It was one of the big defining moments in my life with God.

The punishment for this type of offense will be great. But also note that this doesnt only refer to physical children, but for those young in their faith. As we all grow stronger in Christ, make sure you dont lead anyone weaker (spiritually) than you  astray. (Especially pray for me, since I do this for you guys with absolutely no preaching type of education or background, cover me with prayer so not only do I not lead anyone astray, but I dont condemn myself with false teaching. Thank You.)

Verses 12-14 brings great comfort for those of us that have loved ones that knew God or walked with God at one point. But for whatever reason have been led astray. Just know as God says here, he is searching for them. He will not give up, and if He finds them He will rejoice! God is so Awesome!!

Verse 15-18 are very important to know when it comes to correcting a believer. This doesnt stand for anyone else, non-believers would not understand. Thats why after following these steps if this person does not repent or change their ways God basically says to disown them as a brother in Christ. It doesnt mean to not Love them or to stop praying for them. It basically means that this person does not truly have the Spirit of God living within them, therefore they cannot be treated as such. But what I think is more important than knowing these steps to corrections is just making sure that all of us remain humble and correctable. Never get so set in any of your ways that allows pride to get in the way. As christians we need to always remain subject to correction by the word of God or by a brother in christ. Never become hard-hearted by brotherly correction. If we do our part in remaining this way, our light we shine will affect others in this way also.

Verses 21-35. Brothers if this verse spoke to you pray with all your heart to improve in this area. Unforgiveness in a human being is the most embarrassing thing ever! At least in my opinion (which really means nothing). Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price for forgiveness, we have no right not to forgive. If it didnt speak to you today, keep this passage at the front of your heart and never let unforgiveness rob you of the Glory God has planned for you!!

God Bless.


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  1. chad92009 permalink

    1chronicles14&15 reminded me of the importance of seeking God first. And 1chronicles15:13 shows what can happen when we don’t seek God first. We do things that we think are for God without seeking him we could be destroyed or get someone else killed,like uzzah. Matthew 18:21-35 I hope I’m not alone this is a tuff one sometimes then I quickly remember what Jesus did me, for the world, He forgave us and that makes it easier to forgive.

    • Matthew 6:33 says it best for us braddah Chad! Week gotta seek him first. It really is something we have to put some effort into, we naturally like to do things our way. Most of us havent been close with God our whole lives, so it doesnt come natural. But in time with lots of practice it will become more natural. Thank God our decisions arent as critical as Uzzah’s, but we definitly will have to face the the decisions we make someday.
      Forgiveness is a tough one sometimes but thank you Jesus for being the ultimate role model! Most times unforgiveness does more damage to us than to the person we are mad at.

  2. Jacob Kanda permalink

    The faithfulness of God is Awesome to Visualize.. But we all seen the visual of his wrath and this one just reminded me the fear that I have of God to be Obedient and how important it is to follow the Holy Spirit at all times. Matthew 7: What sorrow awaits the world,because it tempts people to sin. Temtationa are inevitable,but what sorrow awaits the tempting. i’ve been there before and as the verses go one the visual Jesus gives is frightening. 18:34-35 he sent the man to be tortured until the debt was paid and Jesus says that’s what will happen to us we will be tortured if we refuse to forgive your brothers and sisters fron the heart. This is huge for me I am one of those who hold things in when angry or not liking someone. which means a Fake whatsup,or Aloha at times which doesnt show any God driven Love in me only cause my FACE tells a different story then my actions. I just BELIEVE that we will continue to be tortured in life as Christians but like Jesus said “Open from the Heart” to forgive and Love will not only show in our actions but in our Face and life. Sorry for the long one just got deep 🙂

    • Braddah Jake, Awesome! You know I was just listening to a sermon on the radio and the Pastor was talking about forgiveness. He was talking about those christians out there that have no resemblance of the love of Jesus in their lives. He said that these people are actually more miserable than people that dont have God. As men of God rather than get upset with these people we need to pray for them, that God will spark something in them to get the love of Jesus truly in their heart. Thanks for your honesty my braddah!

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