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Daily Bread : 2 Samuel 6; 1 Chronicles13; Psalm 68; Matthew 17

April 30, 2012

If the notes are incomplete feel free, to add in anything you have. I will be following up as soon as I can. Lets Grow!

For newcomers this blog is dedicated to the reading below. Readings are updated daily at, click on devotions page. Join us by doing the readings and engaging with us everyday, as we learn about God’s Word daily.

For those of you already following along, If you miss a day, don’t sweat it. But try your best to be committed!

Notes from todays reading.

2 Samuel 6:

I dont quite understand verse 6-7. I want to, if anyone has some insight please fill us in.

Verse 16-23 was really cool. I didnt understand some of the words used at first. I looked this passage up in different translations and was blessed with what I learned. King David in this passage wore his faith on His sleeve! I listened to a sermon once about worship, the Pastor was talking about getting to the place where we worship God like no one else is around. We Worship in a way that people will not understand what the heck we are doing, because it doesnt matter. When God has done things in your life that you just feel indebted to him for, nothing else matters. Pride, ego, macho man…all of that is out the window. Pleasing God becomes your top priority.


1 Chronicles 13:

My study Bible explained in this chapter that God’s anger burned against Uzzah because previously when the Ark was built God gave strict commands of how the Ark was to be handled. God is a just God. He is that strict parent that means well, but you never want to cross. In our lives, and our walks with God we need to know that God has commands throughout the Bible of how we need to serve Him, obey Him, and love Him. If these commands are not followed, are we not setting ourselves up for the same Judgement Uzzah received?

Psalm 68:

The first verse that really stood out to me was verse 4. Thinking of the last two chapters we just read, King David is emphasizing the importance and the joy we can have when we fully rejoice in the Lord. Dont worship in shame, or fear of being noticed worship God with the joy of knowing what he has done for you and is going to continue to do for you! Praise God!

Matthew 17:

Could you imagine experiencing verse 5 in person? I really cant fathom it, but I can only assume it truly would be terrifying.

Verse 16-20 is awesome. Jesus was upset and disappointed in His crew because he knew what they were capable of. Jesus knew they had the power to handle this. The problem was Jesus knew, the disciples didnt. What we have to know is that when you walk with Christ, His power is your power. Actually we have more power and can do greater works. Dont believe me? Check John 14:12.

Verse 24-27 is so cool. As Im reading this Im reflecting on all the stories I know of Jesus in the Bible. This story just highlighted how indirectly cool Jesus is. Jesus in this story is being blameless, He gives that tax so that no one stumbles in their faith or walk. But what I really love is how ALL of Jesus’s actions back up His words. Jesus was the ultimate example of “Practice what you Preach”. How many of us can say that? Lets strive for that. Be a man that does what he says…All the time, not just when its convenient.

God Bless.


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  1. Ben permalink

    Why was God so severe with him? 1. The touching of the ark was forbidden to the Levites expressly under pain of death!
    Uzzah was not showing a reverence for the things of God.
    God saw the presumption and irreverence of Uzzah’s heart. Perhaps he affected to show, before this great assembly, how bold he could make with the ark, having been so long acquainted with it.

    • Jacob Kanda permalink

      Ok wait.. 6:3-4 in my bible notes says Gods instructions were that the Ark was to be carried by Levites of the clan of Kohath, holding two poles slipped through four rings at the corner of the Ark. Gods Instructions were ignored. So we all know know how God did not play around back then and the fact that there were instructions that were not followed he was angry, and Uzzah payed the price. what gets me is in the story I didnt see any such instructions, but back in Exodus 25:14 the Instructions were set way back and those poles that were at the corner of the Ark were never to be removed. I hope I helped ?

    • Awesome! Thanks Ben! Makes sense, God is all about the Heart.

  2. Jacob Kanda permalink

    Sorry Aina, just saw your post in 1 chronicles LOL… At least you had me searching and it felt awesome even though you had it already Im cracking up right Now. God is good HAHA.

    • Hahaha yep God is Good. No worry I felt the same way when I typed it, But just left it. I like those study notes, must be one mean Bible you get!? =)

      I was impressed though bruddah. I love the study, and the “passion”! Praise God we back in the joy seat!

  3. Jacob Kanda permalink

    in that psalm verse 5 stood out to me and my Bible notes are why it stuck. like his dwelling, the Lord is Holy, The ultimate example of the Holy God coming down to rescue US is JESUS CHRIST!! Praise God For Jesus.

  4. Jacob Kanda permalink

    Matthew 17:1-5 is an awesome visualizaton of what was happening but those words in verse 5 reminded me to just Listen closer every day to what Jesus wants me to say or do. I was drown to verse 20 the words FAITH even as small as a mustard seed. my notes gave me this one: If they would allow their faith to grow,they could act with courageous belief. I pray for this Faith for all of us right now and I’m so pumped on what Gods word did for me today bless you GUYS.

    • Amen to that, we all need to do more listening the what the Spirit of God is leading us to do or say! To me verse 20 is unreal, I pray for bolder faith, I love seeing Bold faith. I pray right now for every man to ever read, or hear of I-Challenge You will have is faith grow greater than that of a mustard seed in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, AMEN!!

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